Surround Yourself with Successful People!

A couple months ago I was sick for nearly two weeks. I just did not feel good! I have set myself to become an example of healthy living, so I workout in the gym. I had not been able to go for a full week and five days. This had greatly dissapointed me. Even though I was so sick I still thought about going to the gym, but my body told me I needed the rest. So I did just that, I rested! Through all the rest, I became extremely tired of sitting and laying down.

After-the-fact I started to feel really good, so on the Friday following these two terrible weeks I began working out again. I started light and throughout the next week I increased my sets. This helped me to regain my strength while gaining my normal number of sets and reps. The Saturday following that week of working out, I began feeling so good that I decided to stay at home and complete my resting. Even though I took a day to slack off I set a time to rush back to the gym on Sunday afternoon. “It is Sunday and I’m ready to get back into my routine!” I had missed the gym. Yes, I said it, I had missed working out. I do these workouts for myself, but I also workout to be an example as a steward of healthy living.

Good leaders strive to be healthy in every area of their life whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or financially. It is important for leaders to lead! Ineffective leadership will provide excuses for not leading in certain areas of their life, but effective leaders will chose to lead in all areas of their life. This does not mean the you have to be an absolutely success in all areas to lead, but you must have the desire and continue to work toward being a faithful steward of all that you have been given.

Keep going in the tasks you have set out to achieve. You will reach your goals, if you only begin facing your challenges. Listen to the voices of those who have succeeded. I find it absolutely crucial for my own personal goal of physical fitness to watch television shows and Youtube videos on successful weight loss. These help to encourage me! If you are tired of not completing your goals, try using my method to reach success. Surround yourself with successful people!

Dr. Justin Hardcastle

Dr. Justin Hardcastle (1982) was born in Sacramento, California, grew up in multiple cities and states, and returned to The Greater Sacramento Area in 1996. For 20 years, he established influence as a leader and continues to build influence today. He teaches as a professor, special education teacher, and continues to provide leadership in multiple realms. He has won several awards. Justin is an American author, recording artist, and founder of The Leadership Bulletin, Hardcastle Solutions, and Northview Church, Inc. His life-long mission is to empower, encourage, and equip others to reach their fullest potential.

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