Are Doors Open or Shutting in Your Life?

There are times in everyone’s life that doors are shut, and there are other times when the doors are open. Sometimes it can be daunting facing closed doors and wonder what you are doing wrong. I have found it to be increasingly important not to lean on my understanding but to trust things will begin to work out in my favor. Other times doors are opening right and left, and you do not know what to do. How do you start to choose the correct path?

Recently, I discovered this to be right in my own life. There were so many doors that were closed, and I could not seem to break through, they must have been made out of bricks or even steel. In what seemed like moments several doors popped open at once and I found it difficult to choose which door to walk through. I prayed and sought counsel. It is important to note that those who provide counsel should never tell you what to do but help you to explore the possible outcomes of each situation and to weigh the opportunities accordingly.

Once you hear the advice and you still do not know what to do it can become overwhelming. This post is unlike any other article because I am not going to provide research but tell you what I did in this situation. I prayed. I asked God for the chance to see things more clearly and to shut doors before me if they were not the doors for me to walk through. Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “well you’re just talking to no one,” but I will assure you that is not the case.

I went from one open door that I did not want to walk through to another that was my second choice, and then to my first desired choice all within about ten minutes. Why did this happen all at once? Was it chance? No, it was God granting the desires of my heart. This does not mean the opportunities worked out—I still have to put the effort in to do my part and walk through. Will there be something on the other side? The answer is simple—I do not know, but God does.

The important thing is all of the anxiety and stress of door kicking and door opening came down to whether I trust God or not to handle my situation. When I took a moment and walked away and said, “Lord I surrender all my doors to you,” He was faithful to show me there are more doors than what I could see directly in front of me. One of the people I received counsel from told me, “we do not always see the next steps because God is waiting to reveal them to us.” What wisdom came in these words!

I have been a pastor for more than 14 years now, and I have faith God will do what He says He will do, but sometimes our faith becomes shaky, and it’s in these times we must press through even more and expect for god-portunities to occur. We cannot allow the circumstances to control our thought-life but must trust in God’s ability to provide for every need. Maybe I am too honest and too direct but I want to let you know my life is fully surrendered to God’s will and when shut doors become open doors, and there is confusion on which door to take—it is the entire goal of my life to be in the will of God and I submit to His will above all else. Whatever situation you may be facing right now and whatever doors are shut or open, try trusting God and see what a difference it will make in your life.

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Dr. Justin Hardcastle

Dr. Justin Hardcastle (1982) was born in Sacramento, California, grew up in multiple cities and states, and returned to The Greater Sacramento Area in 1996. For 20 years, he established influence as a leader and continues to build influence today. He teaches as a professor, special education teacher, and continues to provide leadership in multiple realms. He has won several awards. Justin is an American author, recording artist, and founder of The Leadership Bulletin, Hardcastle Solutions, and Northview Church, Inc. His life-long mission is to empower, encourage, and equip others to reach their fullest potential.

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