It’s Been Too Long.

It’s been too long since I last wrote. Personally, I must apologize for taking some time to get back to my faithful subscribers. What has been transpiring over this past year+ has been and some things we can learn from them:

1. A change of career.
My life was utterly changed, as I entered into a new season of my life. The opportunities that have come my way has been incredible. I have invested in my future in new ways. One of these ways was starting a consulting firm, HardcastleSolutions. I have been able to help provide growth insights to individuals, colleges, churches, and various other types of businesses. As with starting any new business, the startup can be a slow process in the beginning, so I have also been substitute teaching for some time. Then I realize the effect of economies on consulting, so I began to pursue a backup plan. My plan consists of earning a teaching credential in special education. This opportunity provides a chance to impact lives while I am building the consulting practice and is the chance to have a means of earning an income should the economy have another recession, such as the one that hit in 2007/2008.

2. Entering a second program.
I have been working toward my Doctoral Degree in Strategic Leadership for a couple of years, which I am entering my final class this Summer and will be writing my Dissertation this Fall. Additionally, I joined a teacher credentialing program. Having coursework for two programs has been intense, but yet, it has been an opportunity for growth as a leader. It is during times like these, we can expand past what we think we can do, into realizing we have more potential than we know.

3. Home Invasion.
One morning I woke up to a loud noise and after checking my security cameras realized someone was in my home. They broke down my front door. The individual was caught in my house. This was an extremely traumatic experience, I had to take time to deal with it.

A change of career in itself can be a challenge. It can challenge our faith, trust, and self-reliance. While my career change was ultimately an excellent thing, it was challenging to make the leap. I had been in the same industry for more than 15 years. This had provided me with security and with the confidence to do my job well. I loved what I did, but it was time to move to new pastures. My life will never be the same because I took the opportunity to take the leap of faith and start my own business. I am still gaining traction. BTW, if you need consulting service, please go to I am using my education in leadership to help others advance and become who they are meant to be and what their organizations can be.

Working through two educational programs at once has provided me with the knowledge I can achieve more. I ended up pulling all A’s in both programs, except for a B+, when the home invasion occurred. The home-invasion caused me to realize I needed a break. I decided not to complete a paper, which would have been easy to do, but I knew how important at the moment it was for me to take some time for myself. We leaders must know when to throw-in-the-towel and take moments of rest.

These are the leadership nugget I felt was valuable to share, as I apologized for my lack of recent writing. I will be attempting to write two articles per month moving forward, but after June 2020—should have an increased amount of articles ready for you, because I will be walking with as a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and my book will be released at this time.


Justin Hardcastle

Several years ago I was inspired through various writers to further my studies in the field of leadership. This has greatly increased my own understanding and has opened my eyes to new approaches to be used in my own personal leadership. I graduated with a Masters in Organizational Leadership and within days, I began teaching as a professor and have been able to increase student awareness of practical leadership concepts.

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